2-Way Full Range Professional Amplified Speaker 500 Watt Peak Output w/15-in Woofer
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* 500 Watts Peak Power
* Bi-Amplified
* Multiple System Inputs
* 15-in (381mm)
* Low Frequency Transducer
* Extended Low Frequency Output
* True Compression Driver
* Integral Stand Adaptor
* Rugged Injection Molded Design
* Rated Coverage Angle: 121 dB 90 Degrees H x 40 Degrees V
* Input Type: Female XLR (Mic.
Line In) Male XLR (Line Out)
* RCA Jack + Female XLR (Line In)
* Electronic Crossover
* Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.02%
* Weight: 21 kg (46.3 lbs)
* Dimensions: 766 x 485 x 354 (m m) 30.1 x 19.1 x 13.9 (in)
* 50Hz - 20kHz
* Mic.
2KQ Balanced
* 1 KQ Unbalanced
* Line 22K Unbalanced
* Mic.
* Line XLR 0.775V RCA 200mv (L +R)
* Mic.
Level Control, Line Level Control.
* Bass Control (+/-3dB), Treble Control (+/-3dB)
* 500 Watts Peak
* Low Frequency Power Amplifier 400 Watts Peak Power, Class D High Frequency Power Amplifier 100 Watts Peak Power, Class D
* Protection Circuits: Turn-On Delay, Short Circuit, DC Voltage, Current Limiter, Over Temperature

Light weight high performance sound reinforcement loudspeaker enclosure.
The X3-15 is an active design that incorporates a bi-amplified high power amplifier module as well as an integrated pre-amp/mixer section.
The X3-15 is a two way design the features a 15-in (381mm} low frequency section and a true compression driver coupled to a 90 degree by 40 degree waveguide.
The high efficiency transducers are an excellent match to the state of the art amplification section.
* The combination of high electrical efficiency and high acoustic sensitivity and output capability makes the X3-15 and ideal choice for a variety of professional applications.
These applications include portable DJ applications, live sound venues, commercial environments and general public address requirements.
The 15 inch woofer offers extended low frequency response and is ideal for program material that requires additional bandwidth.
Then input section consists of both mic level (XLR balanced} and line level inputs.
There is a mixing section that allows inputs to be level adjusted for optimum balance as well as individual level control for each input.
The input section also features an XLR line output to allow the X3-15 to provide signal routing to additional enclosures.
The pre amp also employs a master volume control for full input level flexibility.
The X3-15 input section also features both low frequency and high frequency shelving equalization.
The comer frequencies for both shelving equalizers were carefully selected to provide not only bass and treble boost or cut but to do so in a very musical fashion.
The input section also features a very high performance 4th order (24dB/Octave) crossover system that maximizes acoustic summing through the critical crossover frequency region.
This high order crossover/filter also maximizes component reliability.
The power amplifier section is a bi-amp configuration that features a high efficiency class D low frequency module capable of producing a full 500 watts of peak output power.
The low frequency module will generate a full400 watts of peak power and the high frequency module will produce 100 watts of peak power.
Each amplifier module is fully short circuit protected.
The X3-15 is an injection molded design that is light weight and includes an integral1 3/8-in (35mm) industry standard top hat for use with standard loudspeaker stands.
The enclosure design is very rugged and features a heavy gauge steel protective grill.
The X3-15 is a lightweight design and is very portable.