18-in Amplified Professional Subwoofer w/XLR line in & out
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The P Audio X9 Sub is a high output professional active sub woofer designed to provide extended low frequency output at very high sound pressure levels.
The X9 Sub is an excellent match for the X9 Sub enclosure but may be used w/a variety of other sound reinforcement top/full range enclosures.
The X9 Sub is powered by a high peak power linear amplifier that exhibits excellent dynamic power.
The amplifier is rated at a full 1200 watts of peak power.
The amplifier employs a fast peak limiter circuit to insure high dynamic range coupled w/excellent system protection.
The X9 Sub bandwidth is 40Hz to 80Hz & insures high impact low frequency performance that is ideal for live performance venues, pubs, night clubs & high impact music venues.
The X9 Sub also utilizes a Phase Control circuit that allows the user to adjust phase within a 0 degree to 180 degree range.
This function is used when the top enclosure is not physically located directly above the X9 Sub & allows the entire system to achieve acoustic summing.
The inputs are electronically balanced XLR.
The X9 Sub also features an 80 Hz high pass filtered output for connection to full range active top enclosures.
The enclosure design is a rugged plywood construction that features a very durable polyuria based coating.
This coating system provides superior protection.
* Voltage Select 115 V to 230 V
* Built-in Amp produces 600 Watts RMS w/1200 Peak
* 18 Inch Woofer