Wireless DJ System
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* Industry's T first DJ system using smartphones & tablets via built-in Wi-Fir
* NEW Remote Control ability via the free rekordboxr app
* Wireless Direct allows reliable wireless connectivity w/an iOS device, even when Wi-Fi isn ?Tt available
* Can be used as an independent 2-channel mixer
* Available in Black or Pearl White
Pioneer's T XDJ-AERO, the industry's T first Wi-Fir DJ system that can wirelessly play music tracks from smart devices, can also now be remotely controlled by a smartphone or tablet device on iOS or Android operating systems using the latest firmware update (ver.
3.00) & rekordboxr (ver.
1.2.0) music management application.
Utilizing Pioneer's T rekordbox, available for iPhone (ver.
1.2.0 & above) & AndroidT OS (ver.
2.1 & above) devices1, users can take their smartphones or tablets & remotely control many of the XDJ-AERO's T functionalities, features & music via Wi-Fi.
The versatile system features Wireless Direct, to enable reliable wireless connectivity, giving users the ability to continue their music mixing performances even when they move away from the XDJ-AERO & access effects & loops through the touch panel of a smart device being used.
Pioneer created a special mobile application for various smart devices that enables wireless connection & transmission of music to the XDJ-AERO via Wi-Fi.
The XDJ-AERO can identify up to four devices as sources for music playback.
The system can also access audio tracks on a computer (PC) through the use of the included Pioneer rekordboxr music management software.
The rekordboxT DJ music management app for the extremely popular Apple iPhone & iPod Touch.
The rekordbox app enables users to prepare & manage music stored on their portable devices as well as the ability to create playlists, cue/loop point & beat location settings, waveform analysis & more.
The organized music in the device can also be wirelessly synced w/a computer utilizing the Pioneer rekordbox music management PC software, providing additional convenience of preparing music for playback on a Pioneer DJ system.
The XDJ-AERO DJ system takes full advantage of the rekordbox app, enabling the iPhone or iPod touch to become an additional source for music content.
The XDJ-AERO also creates its own access point, eliminating the need for hard-wired connections & allowing an iPhone or iPod touch w/the rekordbox app to send content wirelessly to the DJ system.
Pioneer's rekordbox DJ music management app is available now at no charge from theApp Store andGoogle Play.
For added convenience & expandability, the system is equipped w/audio ports for connecting other sources such as Pioneer CDJ players, & can even be used as a standalone 2-channel mixer.
For creative music playback & unique mixing capabilities, the system offers a new built-in jog control, audio effects & more.
* Jog Drum -- Launch, scratch & manipulate samples by simply turning or tapping the jog platter.
* Sample Launch -- Includes four built-in sounds: Scratch, Horn, Siren & Laser.
* Beat Effect -- Four additional effects including Trans, Flanger, Echo & Roll can be added to currently playing music.
* Sound Color Filter -- Each channel of the mixer includes Pioneer's T popular Sound Color Filter which can be added to music at any time.
The XDJ-AERO also features two automatic mix functions, Beat Sync3 & Auto Mix.
w/Beat Sync, a press of the "Sync" button synchronizes the music loaded in each player on beat w/matching beats per minute (BPM).
In the Auto Mix mode, playlists created on a smart device using the special mobile application, computer or USB memory device are linked together w/cross-fade4 or fade-in/fade-out effects.
For added convenience, the system also lets users record their mixes directly onto a USB storage device in WAV format.
The XDJ-AERO combines two digital players & a mixer into a single slim & stylish unit, taking similar design cues from Pioneer's T highly popular professional CDJ digital pla