XED 4-Channel Auto Amplifier / 600 Watts Max
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If you are ready to get into the car audio game & must spend wisely, look no further than Cerwin-Vega Mobile's brand new XED series amplifiers.
Our Xtreme Energy Design amplifiers deliver the performance & reliability for any car audio system.
Packed w/feature sets like switchable crossovers, RCA & high-level inputs, protect status LED, & Vega Bass Boost, XED series amplifiers were designed to provide tremendous value for anyone seeking some bump in their trunk!
The 4-channel XED600.4 model is very versatile & can power your entire system.
Multiple installation possibilities exists such as having all 4-channels of this model driving all your speakers up front or just having the front 2-channels powering your speakers in the cabin of the vehicle while the rear 2-channels can provide power to your subwoofer in the trunk.
Go ahead & act your wage! XED series amplifiers can provide tremendous boost to any stock car audio system without breaking the bank! XED
* High Quality Class AB Topology Design
* Switchable Crossovers
* Ambient Backlit Logo
* Tight Connection Mount RCA Connectors
* Power Handling: 600W MAX.
* Signal to Noise / THD: '- 101dBa / 0.1%.
* Input Sens.
/ Min-Max Voltage: 0.2V - 5.0V / 10.0VDC-17.0VDC.
* Crossover: 50Hz - 250Hz.
* Frequency Response: -12dB/OCT.
* Remote Level Control / Bass EQ: YES / 45Hz.
* Dimensions: 2.187"/55.6mm X 8.875"/225.4mm X 12.9"/328mm.