Portable Grand Piano w/88 Keys & DSP effects & USB
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Manufacturer: YAMAHA

* 88 piano-style keys w/Graded Soft Touch, matching stand, sustain pedal, USB storage, backlit LCD displays notation & lyrics
* GHS Weighted action keyboard
* Decorative Wooden accents
* 64-note polyphony
* Optional LP-7 3-pedal unit
* Better DSP effects for more realistic sounding Distortion Guitar & Rotary Organ
* Piano Centric Features
* The Yamaha Portable Grand, YPG-535 has an easy to use panel, a wealth of piano-centric features including 88 piano-style keys, Graded Soft Touch (GST) action w/different levels of resistance, high * resolution stereo piano sample & comes w/an attractive matching stand, PA-150 energy saving* power adapter & sustain pedal.
* USB connectivity brings music directly to your keyboard
* The YPG-535 has 2 USB ports on the back, USB TO HOST & USB TO DEVICE.
* USB TO HOST is plug & play simple for recording & playing back MIDI files, as well as transferring data to & from your computer.
* USB TO DEVICE is for connecting optional peripheral USB storage devices like floppy disk drives & thumb drives* .
When a USB flash memory is inserted in this instrument's USB TO DEVICE terminal, * user songs created on the instrument & the registered settings can be saved to or loaded from the memory medium.
USB flash memory can also be used to transfer song data downloaded from the * Internet to the instrument, where it can be used w/the performance assistant technology & the Yamaha Education Suite features mentioned below.
Furthermore, user songs saved to USB flash memory in MIDI file format can also be used w/these features.
* The instrument does not necessarily support all commercially available USB storage devices.
Yamaha cannot guarantee operation of USB storage devices that you purchase.
Before purchasing USB storage devices, please consult your Yamaha dealer, or an authorized Yamaha distributor (see list at end of the Owner's Manual) for advice.
Lyric, chord & notation display
Have you ever played a song & wondered what it would look like as sheet music? The YPG-535 can display the score to a song whether it comes from the Internet, the internal selections or ones that you record yourself, & the pages scroll automatically when a song is played back - no more page turning! & for singers, the screen also displays chords & lyrics to XF compatible songs.
For examples, please visit www.yamahamusicsoft.com.
& for those that want to learn to play, notation adds a new dimension to the Yamaha Education Suite, allowing you to hear a song while you follow the notes in the display.
Ease of Operation
There are many tools in the keyboard that make it easy to be a power user from the first day you own the keyboard.
Expandable Music Database: Complete keyboard setups by song title.
The keyboard selects an appropriate voice for the right hand melody, the correct musical style & the correct tempo.
Simply call up a song title & start playing.
One Touch Setting (OTS): Provides you w/a recommended voice w/effects for each Style.
For example, on a jazz style OTS might be piano, for a Latin style it might be acoustic guitar & for a rock style it might be a guitar w/overdrive etc.
Registration Memory: Set the keyboard up just the way you like & take a digital snapshot by memorizing it to one of the Registration buttons.
Load & save up to 16 Registrations to User memory.
The Registration buttons are conveniently located just above the keyboard.
Performance Assistant Technology: Performance assistant technology is a feature from Yamaha that guarantees that you can't play a wrong melody note or chord.
Here's how it works.
Select a song, press the Performance Assistant button Chord Mode & play the keyboard - any notes you like.
Every note you play will fit the music!
If you move up the keyboard, the pitch goes up.
If you move down, the pitch goes down.
Play a perfect arpeggio, or play chords in time w/the music, or really "go for it" & play a solo.
As long as performance assistant is "on", you're "on".
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