ESCORT 00100394

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The SmartCord Live DirectWire is a revolutionary cord that provides easy access, via Bluetooth, to the ultimate real-time ticket protection network - ESCORT Live.
Add SmartCord Live Direct Wire to your ESCORT or Beltronics detector & you'll be connected to other detector owners on the road.
Imagine millions of scouts giving you miles of advanced warning for speed traps & other traffic related threats.
Simply add SmartCord Live DirectWire, download our app to your smartphone & get instant access to the most powerful ticket protection network imaginable!
Additional Description
Power: 12W
Mini USB jack
Mute button
Power/ Bluetooth indicator light
Modular connector
This Escort 100394 smart cord is compatible w/select Escort & Beltronics radar detectors.
It provides real-time ticket protection thanks to its Bluetooth access.
Download this app to your android & Escort Live will help you reach your destination safely by providing alerts from the driver alert network.