Under Dash Four Channel and Four Band Car EQ/Crossover with Subwoofer Output
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Manufacturer: AUTOTEK

Provides enhanced control over four or two audio input channels for Sub Bass, Mid Bass, Midrange and Treble frequencies in addition to having a Subwoofer controller and separate output.
Outputs directly into three stereo amplifiers one for sub and two for the four channel inputs.
* 4-band equalizer and line-driver
* Dual inputs with level matching
* Ideal for add-on MP3 players
* DIN, ISO mount equalizer chassis
* Master and subwoofer volume control
* Front to rear dual amp fader
* High pass front / rear crossover with 12dB slope
* For mono or stereo subwoofer setups
* Selectable blue or red illumination
* 9-Volt Line-Driver Multiple-Source Signal Processor
* EQ controls:
12dB of boost at 45Hz
120Hz mid-bass at 2.2kHz
12kHz treble
* Selectable subwoofer output: 50Hz, 80Hz, 120Hz, at 18dB slope

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