Portable All-In-One Karaoke Mic
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Love to sing? Or maybe you just want to practice new karaoke songs.
VocoPro's All-U Karaoke Mic is an all-in-one personal karaoke machine.
Just connect the All-U Karaoke Mic to a tablet or smartphone (Apple and Android compatible) and you'll be able to access tracks through the YouTube or karaoke apps on your device.
Get the sound you want with the onboard Bass, Treble, and Echo controls built right into the mic body.
You'll never wake the neighbors practicing tracks again thanks to the headphone output; both music and microphone signal are discretely routed to headphones or a sound system with an available 1/8-in Stereo or RCA input.
Track your performance improvement with specialized karaoke apps that are capable of creating your very own karaoke videos! Karaoke has never been this portable so pick up an All-U Karaoke Mic and take the party with you!

* High Quality Condenser Microphone Element
* Compact Form Factor for Ultimate Portability
* Microphone Tone and Echo Effect Adjustments At Your Fingertips
* Long Lasting Internal Rechargeable Battery
* Gold Finish
* Includes USB-to-1/8-in Input Cables for both Android and iPhone
Rear Panel Connections:
* iOS USB jack
* 1/8-in headphone
* 1/8-in headphone
* Android USB jack