Professional Keyboard Stand w/Tri-bar Arms & Simple Setup & Tear Down
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The APEX Series Keyboard Stands represent over two decades of research & development & are used all over the world by gigging keyboard players & touring musicians.
The AX-90 & AX-48 Pro offer everything keyboard players loved about the original APEX keyboard stand while offering sleek new designs & updated features that support a whole new generation of keyboards & workstations.
The APEX Series is the finest looking keyboard stands on the market, & are intended to shine the spotlight on keyboard players, while securely supporting their prized instruments.
* APEX AX-48 Pro Product Breakdown:
* Sleek, New Design
* APEX-quality Features
* Professional Tri-bar Arms
* Simple Setup & Tear Down
* Sleek, New Design
* The modern look & shape of the APEX AX-48 Pro takes a nod from its big brother, the flagship AX-90, & brings the keyboard player out from behind a tack of no-character keyboard stands, & into the spotlight w/the rest of the and.
The footprint of the new AX-48 Pro has not changed from the previous PEX, but now offers an updated column design that is as aesthetically pleasing s it is performance ready.
* APEX-quality Features
* Everything keyboard players have come to appreciate about the APEX keyboard stand for over two decades is still available in the new APEX AX-48 Pro.
It's THE original column style keyboard stand that securely holds two keyboards out of the box (up to 125 lbs each!).
The patented Tri-bar arms are height adjustable, the support legs are super stable, & it's incredibly easy to setup, tear down, & transport from gig to gig.
* Professional Tri-bar Arms
* Keyboards, synthesizers, & keyboard workstations have evolved in the last two or three decades since the original APEX was developed.
The APEX AX-40 Pro now ships w/two sizes of Tri-bar arms (one set of 13-in arms, & one set of 18-in arms) to safely hold today's keyboards, synthesizers, & keyboard workstations of all sizes.
* Simple Setup & Tear Down
* Setup & tear down takes seconds! The AX-48 Pro breaks down into a single, slender unit that's easy to transport & doesn't take up hardly any room because the hollow column becomes its own carrying case! The legs remain connected & slide into & out of the base of the column, & the arms that support your keyboards are stored in compartments at the top of the column.
* Part Number: 17351
* Height: 46-in (1168 mm)
* Weight: 19 lbs.
(8.6 kg)
* Folded Length: 52-in (1321 mm)
* Load Capacity: Up to 125 lbs.
per tier (56.8 kg) or 250 lbs.
total (113.6 kg)

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