Indoor Grill w/Smokeless Broiler & Adjustable thermostat
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* Two Tier cooking Capability
* Professional broiler drawer
* Oil/ grease drain cup
* Adjustable thermostat
* Non-stick grill plate
* Dimensions: 20.5 x 15.6 x 7.1 inches
Restaurant-quality results in your own home w/the professional broiler drawer.
First sear the food on the grill plate, then complete the cooking process in the broiler drawer for delicious professional-quality results.
Distributes heat evenly for the best results due to the semi-embedded grill plate heating element.
Cook twice as much food in half the time w/the two-tier cooking capability.
Simply use the grill top & broiler at the same time.
Perfectly grilled food to your preference w/the adjustable thermostat.
Easy-to-clean w/non-stick grill plate, removable broiler drip tray & oil/grease drain cup.
Simply wipe the grill plate, empty the cup & clean the drip tray.