Audio Cable Tester
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The CBT-500 Cable Tester by Hosa Technology diagnoses signal failure in cables terminated w/any combination of XLR, Phone, Phono, & speakON connectors, as well as DIN, Ethernet, 75-ohm BNC, & USB Type A to Type B cables.
It is also equipped w/removable leads to verify continuity of additional connectors & jacks.
Operation requires one 9-volt battery (included).
Cable Test:
* Turn knob to position 1
* Plug one connector into corresponding jack on left side of tester
* Plug other connector into corresponding jack on right side of tester
* Turn knob to each position to check wiring of each contact
Continuity Test:
* Apply the tip of each lead to the corresponding contacts
* If continuity exists, the center LED will illuminate & tester will beep
Battery Check:
* Turn knob to Battery Check
* LED will illuminate if the battery is charged