MP3 Direct Encoder - The Ultimate CD Encoder
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The CD Encoder 10 allows you to directly encode CDs, Line Level Devices, or Microphone Recordings to MP3 onto a USB thumb drive or SD card.
This can be performed entirely without the need for a computer.
Its as easy as 1, 2, 3:
Step 1: Insert your favorite CD, line level device, or microphone
Step 2: Plug in your USB thumb drive or SD card
Step 3: Select the destination of the recording (USB or SD card)
Step 4: Press REC
When the encoding is complete, an LED will flash on the display to inform you of the status.
In three easy steps you can convert your entire CD collection to MP3s without the use of a computer!
- CD Encoder 10
- 1 Software CD: Magix Audio Cleaning Lab SE
- Quick Start User's Manual

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