Professional Media Player for playback from CDs, SD cards & USB memory in file formats of MP3 AAC WAV & AIFF
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Flexibility for the modern DJ.
The innovation behind Gemini’s new CDJ-700 focuses on two key elements of DJ performance: versatility & control.
Due to the incredible variety of modern media, DJs can’t be restricted to a single format, so the CDJ-700 offers incredible flexibility, allowing playback from CDs, SD cards & USB memory devices in a variety of file formats (MP3, AAC, WAV & AIFF).
Plus, the CD slot, which features compatibility w/CDs, CD-Rs & MP3 CDs, also boasts an amazingly quick load-time of just eight seconds!
More than a touch of innovation...
And when it comes to control, the CDJ-700 provides a new dimension of tactile command by incorporating the industry’s first touch-sensitive display screen.
Now you can navigate between folders & tracks, adjust tempo & even set effect values using the same intuitive controls found on the world’s most popular media players & smart phones.
Feature-rich & user-friendly.
A large, high-resolution jog wheel w/three selectable modes allows you to operate Cue, Scratch, Slip & Loop Adjust functions, while a display screen in the middle of the wheel indicates your mode, track position & slip position.
& the jog wheel is painstakingly designed to offer super-accurate control w/a completely natural feel.
In fact, a Rotary Adjust feature lets you fine-tune the jog wheel’s resistance for a custom feel, whether you’re partial to stiff & heavy, light & loose or anything in between.
For ultra-precise beat matching, the Master Tempo mode enables tempo adjustment without changing the original pitch of the track; but if pitch manipulation is your thing, then feel free to tweak away w/the Pitch Control fader.
Want more functionality? How about MIDI? Thanks to its MIDI capabilities, you can control the parameters of your favorite DJ software right from the unit & route your audio through its 24-bit/192kHz soundcard!
Get creative.
Creativity is so important when crafting your own original sound, which is why the CDJ-700 provides six DSP-powered effects w/Dry/Wet level control.
Additional functions like Pitch Bend, Hot Cueing, Reverse & Loop Sections, along w/versatile BPM options, round out the collection of professional features that fully complement the CDJ-700’s user-friendly design.
Connecting convenience.
For true connecting convenience, the unit includes line output jacks on the rear panel, along w/a USB out for hooking up your computer.
& a digital output (S/PDIF) allows you to plug into an external mixer or even interface w/your favorite DAW & record without conversion.
So let your imagination run wild! You can rest assured knowing the CDJ-700 will keep pace thanks to comprehensive features & outstanding audio quality.
Intuitive control at your fingertips.
By the way, did we mention the vibrant & convenient LCD touch screen display? Flexible control has never been so powerful, so effortless… & so touchable! Features like Time, Tempo, BPM, Track Select & even Effect Values can be controlled w/the touch of a finger, bringing ease-of-use to an entirely new level.
* Inspired by the latest technological trends, the CDJ-700 literally puts professional features & innovative design right at your * fingertips.
* Fast loading slot-in CD-ROM compatible w/Audio CDs, CD-Rs, MP3-CDs
* USB input for flash drive, plus SD card slot (SDHC compatible up to 32GB)
* Full-color 3.5-in TFT touchscreen w/contrast adjustment & comprehensive waveform display
* 8-in touch-sensitive jog wheel w/LCD display & resistance control
* Three selectable jog modes: Search / Pitch Bend / Scratch Effect w/Slip Mode & Reverse
* PC/Mac Audio I/O interface (up to 24-bit/192kHz)
* MIDI capability for use as a software controller
* Stereo RCA outputs & S/PDIF digital audio outputs
* Six DSP-powered effects: Filter, Flanger, Echo, Wah, Trance & Bubble w/wet-dry control
* Three programmable Hot Cues for instant playback points
* BPM functions including auto (sync), manual (tap) & BPM lock