Connect Control is a long-distance control with range of up to 300m (in target area) and has a USB receiver base.
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Manufacturer: TARAMPS

It will control the CD / DVD player in your car by connecting your player, your songs (via the rear USB port of the base, where you can connect your pen drive) and its control.
The installation of Connect Control is simple and fast, just plug the base in CD / DVD player and sync through the control remebering that the sinc can be done in any standard USB input ( A conventional type with power supply), it doesn´t need to be just input player.

* Range up to 300m in target area
* Learn Function Capable
* Allows up to 16 functions
* Allow sync up to 3 controls in the same receiving base
* Has non-volatile flash memory, do not lose your settings when disconnected.
* Receiving Base: 5VDC (USB - A)
* Transmisor (Control): 1.8 to 3.6V (Battery CR2032)
* Consumption: Receiving Base: 30mA max.; Transmitter (Control): 7mA max.
(Battery CR2032)
* Maximum Range: 60m (Target)
* Modulation: FSK
* Frequency: 433.5 MHz
* Power: +10 dBm
* Dimensions: Receiving base (WxHxD): 35mmx14mmx44mm; Transmitter (Control) (WxHxD): 39mmx23mmx86mm
* Weight: Receiving Base: 0.1 kg; Transmitter (Control): 0.1 kg

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