2200 Watt Max. Stereo at 4 Ohm Pro Amplifier, Bridgable
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* Crest Audio's patented GCLT Gain Comparator Limiting System for maximum output without audible distortion
* Two-speed demand-sensitive fan & Turbo Cooling heat dissipator design
* Detented gain controls
* Power, GCL & Signal Present LEDs on each channel
* Built-in 150Hz/18dB/octave Subwoofer Crossover w/1/4-in TRS output
* Current in-rush limiter
* Over-heat, short circuit, clip limiting, faulty load & DC circuits protect your valuable sound reinforcement speakers & the CPX amplifier
* Barrier strip, balanced XLR & 1/4-in TRS inputs w/signal pass-through
* Neutrikr Speakonr & 5-way binding post outputs
* Separate bridged outputs featuring Neutrik’ Speakon’ connector & resessed mode switch
* Rear-panel GCL defeat switch
* Rear rack supports
* 14-gauge steel chassis
* Mil-spec fiberglass circuit boards
* Massive toroid transformer & storage capacitors
* CPXT Series Power Amplifiers: Three rugged, ultra-affordable power designs in the great Crest Audio tradition.
* In typical Crest Audio fashion, we've over-built & over-engineered the CPX Series.
Especially considering their highly competitive prices.
* We included built-in subwoofer crossovers, low-cut filters to prevent woofer cone flutter, fan cooling, Speakonr output connectors & much, much more.
Gain Comparator Limiting.
When a signal has waveform peaks that exceed the amps' power-supply rails, waveforms get chopped off, or "clipped." This undesirable distortion most often happens when the amp is turned up too high (too much gain).
GCLT senses clipping (or current limiting) & dynamically reduces the gain for a few milliseconds.
You can drive the CPX amp to its maximum (and beyond) without hearing audible distortion.
Don't settle for less.
If you need maximum performance on a tight budget, you owe it to yourself to get your hands on a CPX Series amplifier from Crest Performance.