All Inclusive Four channel digital wireless handheld/headset/instrument system
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Manufacturer: VOCOPRO

Have the urge for your band to go wireless but a decent wireless system is just too expensive? Check out VocoPro's new DIGITAL-31,32,34-ultra systems.
This fully digital wireless system, operating in the future proof 900 MHz range, has everything you need to go completely wireless.
An all inclusive package featuring: handheld microphone(s) and wireless bodypack(s) with headset mic and instrument cable.
VocoPro is the industry's first to package a single receiver with multiple transmitters offering ultimate flexibility and affordability.
This is also a super affordable system thanks to new, mic -on-chip(tm), technology we were able to eliminate hundreds of parts as well as hours of manual adjusting by implementing a single IC design.
Pick up a digital-ultra single, dual or quad system for your band and perform with the freedom of wireless.
Each receiver comes packaged with a Wireless Handheld Microphone as well as a body pack transmitter with headset microphone and instrument cable for added versatility
* 9 channel PLL frequencies designed to not interfere with each other
* Revolutionary -inone-touch-in IR sync
* Utilizes the Sparsely Used 900mHz Frequency Band
* 24-Bit Digital Technology delivers Clean, Professional Quality Signal
* Individual Digital Microphone IDs Eliminate Channel Cross-Talk
* Wide Frequency Response (50 - 20,000 Hz) Ensures Natural Sounding Vocals

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