STUDIO QUALITY Pro. Digital DJ Mixer w/32bit DSP & 0.005% THD, 96kHz/24bit digital system
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The DJM-1000 uses Pioneer's expertise in audio technology to create a high-end unit that is easily connected to other equipment like samplers, effectors & digital turntables, enabling Pro.
DJs to put on the best show possible.
Pioneer utilized its long heritage in audio technology to create a high quality sound design for the DJM-1000.
This mixer has 24-bit/96kHz digital sampling & a 32-bit/96kHz digital sound processor.
Analog signals from LP turntables are digitized w/the high quality audio-to-digital converter & mixed without deterioration of the sound quality.
The unit has a rigid chassis to minimize unwanted vibrations & a strong power supply to create clear, powerful sound.
The DJM-1000 has digital input-output terminals, making it compatible w/Pioneer's CDJ-1000Mk2 & DVJ series of digital turntables.
It is also easily connected to a DJ effector or sampler to give greater variety to a DJ's performance.
It also can be used for studio recording where high quality sound is required.
Its three-band isolator allows the user to control the levels from +6dB to -?dB in each band.
It also can be used to attenuate & accent partial bands.
A 17 phase fader curve allows the user to adjust not only the curves of the cross fader but also the curves of the channel fader.
* A new Sound Link / EFX Link function is used to control other Pioneer equipment via a link cable.
* A BPM Synchronize Function, which synchronizes the BPMs of all attached equipment such as CDJs & EFX.
* A Visual Link Button that allows the user to control the visual effects & fades of other visual equipment (such as an Edirol V4) w/the Pioneer cross fader.
* MIDI Out for operation of external equipment
* Two Band Booth EQ for equalizing the booth monitor
* Fader Start Play for CD player control on all six channels
* Three Band Equalizer w/Hi, Mid & Low settings in each channel to obtain dynamics of instrumental sound
* Talk-Over Function, which will automatically turn down the volume level of the music when the microphone is in use
* Peak Level Meter for all six channels to check source input levels
* Sampling Rate: 96 kHz
* A/D, D/A Convert: 24 bits
* Headroom: 19dB
* Cross Talk (Line): 88dB
* Frequency Response: 20Hz TO 20kHz
* Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.005% or less
* Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 105dB (LINE) (at full scale): 88dB (PHONO), 84dB (MIC)
* Power Source: AC 100V (50/60Hz)
* Electricity: 54W
* Dimensions: 428(W) x 359.3(D) x 187.5(H) mm, 19 (W) x 14-2/16 (D) x 7-3/8 (H), 19', 6 unit for the mixer, 1 unit for connectors.
* Net Weight: 12.1 kg, 26 lb 11 oz
Input Specs & Terminals
* Digital: 4 x (RCA) / Coaxial
* 2 x Mini Digital Link Connectors (AUDIO)
* CD / Line: 6 x (RCA) & 4 x (Phone Jack 6.3 mm), 12dBu / 22k
* Phono: 6 x (RCA), -52dBu / 47k
* Mic / Sub Mic: 1 x(Combi Phone/XLR) & 2x(Phone Jack 6.3), -52dBu / 3k
* Return: 2 x (Phone Jack 6.3mm), -12dBu / 22k
Output Specs & Terminals
* Master Out 1: 1 x (XLR), +2 dBu / 600 Ohm
* Master Out 2: 1 x (RCA), +2 dBu / 10k
* Booth: 1 x (Phone Jack 6.3mm), +2dBu / 600 Ohm
* Record: 1 x (RCA), -8dBu / 10k
* Send: 2 x (RCA), -12 dBu / 10k
* Midi Out: 1 x (5 pin DIN )
* Headphone Monitor Out: 1 x (Phone Jack 6.3mm), +8.5 dBu / 32 Ohm
The main fader volume control knob can be changed to a rotary knob for delicate sound volume control when mixing.
An optional part (DJC-1000RV) is required to make this change, which can be completed in any of Pioneer's authorized service centers.
One of the questions that people ask is WHY is this mixer expected to be the best sounding mixer on the market? Here are some simple answers to that question.
#1 Recording Studio Quality
Currently Recording Studios have the highest sound quality mixers in the world.
Almost all sound engineers use Digital Recording for laying & mastering their tracks.
The Standard of Digital Recording is 96kHz/24bit.
Pioneer wants to bring that studio quality sound to clubs !!
#2 The Capability/Potential of 96kHz/24bit di