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The DJM-303 is a two channel mixer w/an integrated USB soundcard.
Each channel can accept up to (2) stereo RCA inputs or a USB directly from your computer.
This means that you can either connect analog devices via the RCA inputs or you can use the mixer as a soundcard for your digital DJ software.
w/the increasing integration of computers w/traditional DJ hardware, the DJM-303 is ready for any type of digital setup.
Switching between USB input, line inputs, or CD inputs is as easy as adjusting the clearly labeled switch on the top of the unit.
This is important because if you have DJs who are playing from multiple sources, it eliminates the need to unplug devices during a live show.
For example, if you have one DJ playing on CDJs & another DJ playing through a computer, you have the ability to plug the CDJs into the RCA inputs & the computer directly into the integrated USB hub.
When the next DJ is ready to come on, all you need to do is switch the inputs via the selectable switch on the top of the unit.
Take all those inputs, add in 9 BPM sync'd effects, 3 crossfader effects, & a loop-sampler & you have a mixer that is ready for any type of DJ.
Feature Overview:
- Dual USB 2-channel DJ mixer w/9 effects & loop sampler
- 2 channels (4 line inputs, 2 turntable inputs)
- Dual USB input/output for computer playing & recording
- 9 BPM synced effects (Echo, Trans, Flanger, Filter, Phaser, Pan, Pitch, & Reverb)
- 3 crossfader effects: Echo, Brake, Transform
- 35 seconds of samples storable in 5 banks (7 seconds per sample)
- 2 fader start connections
- 3-band EQ per channel (-in finity dB to +12dB)
- 2 mic inputs (1/4) & mic EQ
- 3 position adjustable crossfader curve
- Reinforced headphone jacks
- 2 RCA master outputs, 2 TRS balanced outputs
- Audio frequency response: 25Hz to 20kHz (CD)
- Signal-to-noise ratio: more than 82dB (Line)
- Distortion Ratio: 0.03% or less
- Weight: 3.4Kgs
- Dimensions: 223(W) x 300.2(D) x 106(H) mm
- Includes Deckadance LE & Traktor LE (both for PC & Mac) DJ software

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