Professional DJ Headphone
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Headphones provide accurate, high-quality sound reproduction for the most demanding DJ, audiophile or music enthusiast.
With large, high-output 50mm drivers, low distortion and a frequency response of 16Hz -20kHz, the DJX-07s deliver deep bass, lush mids and clear, articulate highs for a well-balanced, full-range audio experience.
These comfortable, durable headphones offer long-lasting performance, even in the most demanding settings and situations.
For total comfort and precise stereo imaging, Gemini's DJX-07 headphones feature soft-skin earcups that allow proper bleed for an enhanced ambient environment.
The rotating earcups also enable flexible positioning, including single-sided or shoulder-rest placement, while the long, non-tangle cable allows you to move about freely.
The unique collapsible design offers maximum flexibility for storage and transportation, plus the lightweight construction ensures a secure, comfortable fit, even during periods of extended listening.
The headphones also include a variety of useful accessories, like a carry bag, additional cloth ear-pads and standard gold mini plug connector with gold 1/4” (6.3mm) adaptor.
Ideal for a wide variety of environments and applications, Gemini's DJX-07 Headphones boast outstanding performance for the discerning DJ, audio professional or music lover.

* Dynamically enhanced, balanced audio with clear highs, crisp mids and deep bass
* Reversible 90-degree horizontal / 180-degree vertical rotating joints
* Durable, lightweight, flexible folding body
* Large 50mm high-output drivers
* Frequency response: 16Hz to 20kHz
* High Power Output: 2000mW
* Soft-skin earcups for high ambient noise attenuation
* Lightweight for long-term wear: 0.65lb / 295g
* Gold-plated connector 1/8-in (3.5mm) with 1/4-in (6.35mm) screw-on adaptor
* Velour carry bag and additional cloth ear pads included