Compact CD/USB Media Player & Controller
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Brand new & weighing in at a mere 9 pounds, Denon's smallest CD/USB Media player packs high-end features not found in much larger units.
Smaller is better.
* Compact, 9-in wide
* Controls DJ Audio/Video DJ Software by MIDI
* Built-in sound card (USB Audio)
* Touch sensitive scratch disc w/feel of vinyl
* Supports up to 50,000 wav/mp3 files from a USB device
* Advanced file searching system by Keyboard
* Pick next track & cross fade
* 4 on-board effects, including Echo Loop
* 3 platter effects
* 2 Hot Starts on the fly
* Saves MEMO's
* D-Link, shares two player's data together
* Slot-in CD Player
* The illuminated Slot-in , quick loading, & fast data reading mechanism offers a variety of audio compact disc support: CD, CD-R, CD-RW.
CD-TEXT is also supported.
* External USB Device Support
* DN-S1200 can support external USB mass storage class devices.
Connect a iPod-TM, Thumb Drive & large Hard Drives for easy
access to small or extensive MP3/WAV libraries up to 50,000
Plug devices into the DN-S1200 to get powerful on-board
features such as, Instant Start, Seamless Looping, Scratching
and easy File Searching to name a few.
* MIDI Interface Controller (PC/MAC)
The DN-S1200 is also designed to interface & control a variety
of popular Audio/Video DJ software applications that support
USB MIDI interface, either by user custom mapping or direct
native support by the software vendor.
* Supported Platforms:
Mac OSX 10.4 or Higher, Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista
* Internal 24-Bit Processing & USB Audio
The DN-S1200 encompasses its own internal power supply to
achieve the highest electrical specifications, resulting in the best
possible performance.
It features industry leading Burr Brown (a
product of TI) 24-bit DAC processing for superior output audio
USB Audio interface includes 2-Channel Stereo output pair, 44.1kHz sampling range & low latency ASIO / OSX Core
Audio support.
* ASIO Driver included on installation CD-ROM.
* Multi-functional Touch Sensitive Jog Disc
The 110mm JOG Disc is constructed w/an ultra high-resolution
pulse & touch sensor mechanism to accurately reproduce the
most subtle or swift scratching movements made by the hand.
The Jog Disc can perform other vital functions too such as, pitch
bending, scanning, file searching & dry/wet control for effects.
* PS/2 Keyboard Support & Intuitive File Navigation System
Three types of global USB keyboards are supported (Qwerty,
Qwertz, Azerty) in nine native languages for simplified song
search of, Artist, Album, Title, Genre, Year, BPM, File Name and
Shortcut keys are also assigned to perform various
A keyboard can be shared in a 2-deck configuration by
the D-Link connection as well.
* Hot Starts & Seamless Looping
Two Hot Starts (A1 & A2) can be made on the fly & easily
turned into Seamless Loops.
* 4 Superb Built-in Effects: Building the mood & remixing live
is easy w/our on-board effects.
Easily activate & have full
parameter control w/a Dry/Wet mix control of 4 effects:
Flanger, Filter (High-Mid-Low), Echo & Echo/Loop.