3 Sets In & 6 Sets Out XLR Conference Speaker Computer Controlled Management System & Matrix Mixer
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Manufacturer: MARANI

3 input x 6 output Speaker Processor.
The activity of the 3 inputs is displayed by rows of 6 level LEDs plus 1 clip LED, the activity of the 6 outputs is displayed by rows of 5 level LEDs plus 1 clip LED plus 1 Limiter LED.
The unit has 3 analog inputs, a stereo digital input, & 6 analog outputs.
Each input has 5 parametric filters & each output has 5 parametric filters.
All the input & output filters can be selected to be Bell, first and second Order Shelvings w/-3dB at cutting Frequency, Symmetrical Shelving w/variable Q, High Pass/Low Pass w/variable Q, 1st/2nd Order, All Pass (90/180Deg.
Phase rotation at the cutting Frequency), Bandpass & Notch.
The outputs X-Over section has Butterworth, Linkwitz/Reyleigh & Bessel filters up to 24dB/Oct or Custom selectable High Pass/Low Pass up to 24dB/Oct configurable by the user as cascade of IInd Order cells adjustable in Freq & Q.
On Outputs are available a RMS compressor w/selectable Ratio up to 32:1 & adjustable Soft/Hard Knee & an Output Peak Limiter w/THR in Vp or dB

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