15-in 2-way high power active PA speaker w/1200W peak, 300W RMS Class D lightweight amplifier
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The incredible sound of the DRS-15P is defined by its highly efficient and articulate 1200W Class-D amplifier.
This relatively new design in power amplifiers is a proven success in the professional audio world for several reasons: Class-D directs nearly all of the signal directly to the transducers rather than causing waste through heat dispersion as in other amplifiers.
The Class-D circuits react faster to signals and can render fast transients and sonic elements with more clarity and realism.
Class-D also creates near-zero distortion regardless of the volume level.
Each element in the DRS-10Ps transducers is designed to create the ideal listening experience.
The 2 way speaker is composed of a large 15-in woofer and powerful 2-in voice coil needed to push low frequencies nearing 45Hz around the room with punch and definition even at high decibel levels.
The tweeter is a pure titanium compression driver with a wide dispersion horn for crisp and detailed highs at significant distances or angles from the speaker.
The lightweight amplifier and ABS nylon fiber cabinet make the DRS series of speakers easy to carry to and from an event and sufficiently rugged enough for consistent use.
Each cabinet has a smooth recessed molded handle and options for hanging or stand mounting, so getting to the event and setting up is simple.
On the back panel of the DRS-15P are XLR, Line, and RCA inputs with separate gain and EQ controls as well as a Mix Output.
Connecting your gear and crafting the ideal sound within your environment is easy to do with precision.
With all of the details about accurate sound and controls you'd assume the DRS-15P was in another league when it comes to its cost, but we've designed the DRS series to be inherently affordable so that everyone can enjoy the possibilities of realistic and exciting sound at live events.
* 2-way high power active PA speaker
* 1200W peak, 300W RMS Class D lightweight amplifier
* Impedance 4 Ohms
* 15-in woofer with 3-in voice coil
* Pure Titanium 1.75-in HF compression driver
* Linear frequency response between 45Hz-20kHz
* Wide dispersion horn with forward firing bass reflex ports
* ABS impact resistant nylon fiber cabinet
* Recessed smooth molded handle
* 2 Input channels with separate gain controls
* Mic and line XLR, 1/4-in, and RCA inputs
* High and Low equalization controls
* Mix Output
* Master volume output control
* Clip LED Alert
* Flyable and Stand mountable
Unit Dimensions: 16.1 x 14.2 x 27.2 in (410 x 360 x 690 mm)
Weight: 40.70 lbs (18.46 kg)