Car Audio Amplifier Module DS Class D (4 Channels 300 Watts RMS)
SKU: DS1200X4
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Manufacturer: TARAMPS

The DS 1200├Ś4 is a synonym for Taramps multichannel amplifier module.
It has 4 channels of 300 Watts RMS, with maximum power of 1200 Watts RMS, impedance of 2 ohm and is compatible with any frequency, that is, it is FULL RANGE.
Versatility, efficiency and quality in a single Taramps product.
* Operation Class D
* Number Of Channels 04
* Maximum Power @ 12.6 Vdc - 2 Ohms: 1200w Rms (4 X 300w Rms)
* @ 12.6 Vdc - 4 Ohms: 768w RMS (4 X 192w RMS)
* Input Sensitivity 250mv
* Signal To Noise Ratio >88db
* Frequency Response 9hz To 27khz (-3db)
* Crossover High Pass (Hpf) 90hz (-12db/8th) Fixed
* Crossover Low Pass (Lpf) 90hz (-12db/8th) Fixed
* Input Impedance 18k Ohms
* Output Impedance 2 Ohms
* Protection System Output Overload
* Min.
Supply Voltage 9vdc
* Maximum Power Supply Voltage 16vdc
* Consumption At Rest 1.8a
* Maximum Music Consumption @12.6vdc 67.5a
* Maximum Consumption In Sinusoidal Signal 135a

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