Remote Start Interface System to integrate with select factory systems Two Way Compatibility
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* Compatible with OEM Key Fob to lock, unlock, panic, trunk and for 3X Lock remote start activation
* Long range remote control options in both l-way and 2-way configurations
* Directed SmartStart compatible.
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* System configurable to Remote Start, Security or Remote Start & Security
* Integrated, programmable CAN interface for bypass and override
* Optional T-harness available commands to your vehidle.

Whether you want to remote start the engine, lock/unlock the doors or pop the trunk, there are 3 possible ways you can send commands to your vehicle, using the:
* Factory remote .
* Aftermarket remote.
* Directed SmartStart application via your smartphone.
* If applicable, you can also start the engine remotely by either pressing the Lock button 3 times qUickly or by pressing Lock,
Unlock, and Lock qUickly on your factory remote.
Check with your installer to find out which method is configured in your vehicle.

DS3 Directed Low Current Remote Start System

* Integrated Data Bus Interface
* 3X Lock Start from OEM remote
* Onboard fuses
* Upgradable:
* Long rangeremote control
* SmartStart control and GPS
* Security shock/ tilt sensor
* Integration harness compatible
* No Bluetooth

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