500 Watt Mono Car Audio Amplifier w/Bass Boost & Variable Low Pass Crossover
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Plenty of Power
Consisting of the most flexible stereo models & potent monoblock models, this amplifiers power is guaranteed to exceed rated power.Optimized & Compact
Featuring an optimized circuit layout for the most efficient use of components & clearest sound quality for trusted reliability in the most compact chassis allowable.
Crossovers & KickEQ
Users can take advantage of built-in crossovers & KickEQprocessing for dialing perfect sound
Loaded w/FIT(Fail-Safe Integration Technology), an advanced circuitry for superior power, clarity & dependability.
POWER 2 Ohms MONO (Watts): 500
* CEA Rated Pwr., 4 Ohm/Ch, 14.4Vdc, 1% THD (Watts): 250
* Signal to Noise Ratio (ref: 1W, A-weighted): -75
* CXRC Remote Bass Capable (sold sep.): yes
* Height [in, cm] 2-3/8, 6
* Width [in, cm] 7-3/16, 18
* Frequency Response [Hz] 25-200
* Signal-to-Noise Ratio [dB] >95, A-weighted, re: rated power
* Input Sensitivity Low Level: 125mV-5V
* High Level: 250mV-10V
* Electronic Crossover Variable Lo-pass 50Hz-200Hz, 12dB/octave
* KickEQ Bass Boost Variable 0-12dB at 40Hz
* Subsonic Filter 25Hz, 24dB/octave
* Remote Bass Yes (sold separately
* DXA500.1 1 x 80 Ampere 4 Gauge wire required
Automatic Turn-On Selection: The DXA series offers two automatic turn-on modes; +12V & DC Offset.
* Remote Turn-On: Run 18 gauge wire from the Remote Turn-On Lead on your source unit to the terminal
labeled REM between the amplifier’s positive & negative power terminals.
* DC Offset Turn-On: The DC Offset mode detects a 6V DC offset from the HI-Level speaker outputs when
the source unit has been turned on.
Input Level: The RCA inputs on KICKER DXA amplifiers are capable of receiving either Hi or Low-level signals
from your source unit.
If the only output available from your source unit is a Hi-Level signal, simply press in the
Input Level switch on the amplifier.
Refer to the wiring section of this manual for additional instructions.
Crossover Control: The variable crossover on the side of the amplifier allows you to adjust the lo-pass
crossover frequency from 50-200Hz.
The setting for this control is subjective; 80Hz is a good place to start.
Input Gain Control: The input gain control is not a volume control.
It matches the output of the source unit to
the input level of the amplifier.
Turn the source unit up to about 3/4 volume (if the source unit goes to 30, turn it
to 25).
Next, slowly turn (clockwise) the gain on the amplifier up until you can hear audible distortion, then turn it
down a little.
Bass Boost Control: The variable bass boost control on the side of the amplifier is designed to give you
increased output, 0-12dB, at 40Hz.
The setting for this control is subjective.
If you turn it up, you must readjust
the input gain control to avoid clipping the amplifier.
Remote Bass-CXRC (sold separately): w/the optional CXRC remote bass level control, you have the
ability to control the output level of the amplifier remotely.
To surface-mount the CXRC remote bass level control,
simply screw the remote to the chosen location, then run the cable from the controller to the “Remote Bass”
jack on the amplifier panel.
Do NOT connect/disconnect while the amplifier is on.
Connecting the 3.5mm cable
without the remote will cause the amplifier to output at full gain, possibly damaging your speakers.
See page 6
for installation.