Par 36 Pin Spot Light w/Tight Focused Beam
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* Par 36 Pin Spot
* Tight Focused Beam
* Lamp: 1 x 4515 - 6v 30w
(Colored Lenses Sold Seperately)
The E 106 is a reliable, inexpensive par 36 pin spot.
The unit shines a tight focused beam of light.
This lamp can be used w/dimmers or chasers.
For dra-matic effects use this lamp in multiples w/colored gels.
Universal gels are available in a variety of colors & may be purchased separately.
To enhance the beams of light use this lamp w/a fog machine.
* Model: E 106
* Weight: 3 lbs.
* Size: 5-in H x 6-in W x 6-in
* Lamp: ZB-4515,6V/30W
* Fuse: 1 Amp
* Supply Voltage: 120V
* Working Position: Any Safe position
* Duty Cycle: None
* Colors: Clear