4 Channel Lighting Controller w/16 Preset Programs and Audio Sensitivity Control
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Take control of your lightshow with Eliminator s EC-16.
Its unique 4-channel output acts as an on/off switcher for high-tech effects.
The powerful EC-16 can handle up to 600-watts per channel.
It features an audio run of 16 preset programs, a 4-way rope light connector, and a link up function to connect several fixtures together.
Let the EC-16 take control of your lightshow.
* 4 Channel Output
* 600W per channel
* Audio Run of 16 Preset Programs
* Full On And Blackout With Cable Remote Controller
* Audio Sensitivity
* 4-Way Rope light Connector
* Link Up Function
* Hanging Bracket
* 1-Year Limited Warranty
* Specification subject to change

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