Professional Headphones from World Famous DJ Chris Garcia w/1/4-inch adapter & 1/8-inch adapter, GOLD
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Manufacturer: DJ TECH

Signature professional DJ headphones from world famous DJ Chris Garcia.
This high definition headphones are precision-engineered to revealed the full sound of today's digital music including the most sonically demanding rock, hip hop, & R & B.
It delivers all the power clarity & deep bass today's top artists & producers want you to hear.
The over-ear, full-swivel ear cups are very lightweight & the ear cushions are made w/breathable materials that keep you extremely comfortable during extended use.
It gives DJs the flexibility to monitor audio & cue audition.
CHRIS GARCIA was born to a DJ father in Arles, southern France, from which stemmed his early passion for music & technique.
He is now one of Sin Cities most famous resident house DJ s in Las Vegas & continues to travel around the world in pursuit of his passion for house music.
From Los Angeles to Hong Kong from leaving Paris, Geneva, Lausanne & Miami,
now more than ever: Music is a way of life!
DJ Software Deckadance LE is included in the box.
High-quality full-range headphones designed for DJs
Smart design allowing DJs the flexibility to monitor audio & cue audition
Breathable padding that remains comfortable during extended use
Large 50mm driver, neodymium magnet for optimal frequency response
Professional build & modern design matched w/superior sound
1/4-in ch adaptor w/1/8-in ch adaptor included for use any DJ

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