Portable Self-Powered 10” Two-Way System With Detachable Powered Mixer
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The EON 210P is a self-contained, portable pa system
featuring multiple input channels with individual tone
controls, multiple digital effects and convenient output
routing capabilities that allow the user to integrate the
system into any number of audio environments.
its lightweight and ergonomic design the EON 210P is
perfect for situations where ease and portability are just
as important as quality and flexibility.

The EON210P consists of two 10-inch, twoway,
powered loudspeakers, one with a detachable
powered mixer and the other with a detachable storage
compartment, one pair of unshielded speaker cables and
a power cord.
Capable of reproducing full bandwidth
sound at high levels the 210P is comprised of a 250 mm
(10 in) woofer, a 37.5 mm (1.5 in) neodymium high
frequency compression driver coupled to a 100° H by 60°
V waveguide driven by a 300 watt Crown® Class-D power
amplifier and integrated mixer.

The attached mixer has 8 inputs: 4 mono inputs
comprised of a “peak LED”, a combination input
connector, MIC/LINE selector, Treble and Bass controls,
a Reverb send and a channel volume control.
The 2 stereo
inputs are where you will connect all of the microphones,
musical instruments, external sound sources (like MP3
or CD players), headphones in addition to any recording
devices or additional speakers like a personal monitor,
subwoofer or “Front of House” feed.
The stereo inputs
labeled “STEREO IN 5/6” offer the option of using ¼”
phone plugs or RCA plugs and this channel has a volume
The input labeled “STEREO IN 7/8” is a 3.5 mm
stereo input of the type typically found on personal music

All of the inputs will route to the speakers and to

The system is also equipped with digital multi-effects
designed to enhance instruments or vocals.
There are
four effects available on the EON 210P.

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