Dual 15-Band Equalizer w/Switchable low-cut control & Balanced XLR output
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The EQ2 Dual 15-Band Equalizer is designed for the professional who needs exacting audio precision in their rack.
Two Channels with separate controls means you can change the left and right channels so that the overall sound ideally fits the acoustics of the space and best represents the intent of the mix.
With 15 bands of equalization you can pinpoint and accentuate great sounds or cut out problem frequencies.
The boost/cut range or +/- 12 dB or +/- 6dB gives you the ability to select your own level of control and the switchable low-cut allows you to tame the low end when needed.
Balanced outputs and inputs ensure noise-free sound throughout your signal chain, with the option of unbalanced inputs and outputs for additional connections.
* Dual 15-band, 2/3-octave frequency bands
* Switchable boost/cut range of +/-12dB or +/-6dB on each band
* 1/4-in balanced/ RCA unbalanced inputs and outputs
* Balanced XLR output
* Record RCA output
* Switchable By-pass on each channel
* Ground-lift switch
* Automatic zero signal stand-by function