GMX DRIVE Multi Format Media Controller System
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Multi-format media controller for the DJ who desires the ability to playback all forms of digital music.
DJ's can playback tracks from a single USB drive, from either of the two slot-in CD drives, or from a laptop as a versatile MIDI software controller for Virtual DJ or another host application.
The eight large performance pads per deck and the newly designed touch-sensitive mechanical jog wheel ensure inspired and intuitive control, while the sleek brushed top, high-contrast screens, and backlit function buttons give the GMX DRIVE a no-nonsense professional look.
Direct playback from either slot-in CD Drives or a USB memory device of MP3 and WAV files allows the GMX DRIVE to be unchained from the laptop.
It's portability will inspire spontaneous sessions and make for fast and simple setup at smaller venues.
As an independent media player or as a 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface over USB 2.0 the GMX DRIVE is professional from the inside out.
With multiple high quality output options: monitoring, recording, and playback through a sound system are simultaneously available via balanced XLR or RCA outputs.
The new mechanical and touch sensitive jog wheels allow you to reach new levels when it comes to scratching, beat juggling, or finding track points with precision.
With advanced tools including: Hot Cues, a Loop section with Auto and Manual Loop, Reverse, and dedicated Filters on each deck, the mix decisions you make are instantly realized at the push of a button.
The high-contrast screens with adjustable waveform displays allow easy visualization of the changes you are making to each of your tracks.
And the Variable Pitch Control, Master Tempo control, and BPM Lock allow you to put the big picture, of matching tempos and keys to one another, together with ease.
* High-resolution USB/MIDI software controller with built-in professional 24-bit PC/MAC audio interface
* 2 Slot-in CD Drives
* Direct playback from a USB memory device of MP3 and WAV files
* 8 multifunction performance pads per deck
* Advanced tools including: Hot Cues, Auto and Manual loop, Reverse and Filter for each deck
* Variable pitch control with Master Tempo control and BPM Lock
* Touch-sensitive mechanical jog wheels
* 2-channel mixer with 3-band EQ and Gain control on each channel
* Front 1/4-in microphone input with Gain control
* Balanced XLR and RCA master outputs, RCA booth output with dedicated volume control, front 1/8-in and 1/4-in headphone outputs
* High-contrast screens with adjustable waveform display
* Includes Virtual DJ LE