Professional Loudspeaker w/Dual 15-in Woofers & 15-in x 5-in horn w/four 3-in Piezo tweeters
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GSM passive loudspeakers from Gemini boast durable construction, precise audio reproduction and impressive power handling at a very affordable price.
Ideal for the budget-conscious performer seeking a reliable loudspeaker, the GSM series offers a versatile solution for DJs, musicians and a variety of performance spaces.
Featuring 300 watts RMS power handling and dual 15-inch woofers, the GSM-3250 provides big, beefy low-end response.
And to complement the low frequency drivers, the enclosure also houses four 3-inch Piezo tweeters in a 15-inch x 5-inch horn for clean, lucid highs.
The result is robust, full-range sound that's clear, detailed and accurate.
To ensure quick, easy setup, the GSM-3250 offers dual 1/4-inch input jacks, as well as push-button connectors.
Plus, durable wood construction and resilient carpet covering provide a roadworthy design that will withstand the rigors of heavy touring or demanding install environments.
Engineered to provide the sound quality you crave at a completely attainable price point, the GSM-3250 offers dependable performance and exceptional value for a variety of PA and sound reinforcement applications.
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Dimensions: 18.86x 13.9x 43.43 in (479x 353x 1103 mm)
Weight:  56.1 lbs.
(25.5 kg)

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