Professional 100 watts RMS Trapezoid Speaker w/11-in x 5-in Double Piezo horn
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For deep, powerful lows & low-mids, the GT-1204 employs a 12-inch woofer w/a high-temperature voice coil.
The enclosure also houses an 11-inch x 5-inch double piezo horn for outstanding high-frequency management.
The result is a flexible speaker system that provides full-range sound & handles 100 watts RMS.
* w/dual 1/4-inch input jacks & Banana connectors, the GT-1204 ensures quick, easy setup, while rugged carpet covering & durable wooden construction protect the internal speaker components from the hazards of heavy gigging & demanding install environments.
Plus, w/a weight of only 22 pounds & recessed side handles, the speaker is supremely portable.
* Designed to bridge the gap between affordability & professional-grade performance, Gemini's GT series offers a superior level of sound quality at an unmatched price.
* Carpeted passive loudspeaker
* 12-in Woofer
* 100 watts RMS Trapezoid Speaker
* 400 watts peak power
* 50 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response
* High temperature voice coil
* 11-in x 5-in Double Piezo horn
* Banana & dual 1/4-in input jacks
* 8 ohms impedance
* Dimensions: 15.87x 11.18x 23.62 in (403 x 284 x 600 mm)
* Weight: 22.7 lbs.
(10.3 kg)