2-way bi-amplified, optimized Professional Active loudspeaker system
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* 2-way bi-amplified, optimized Active loudspeaker system
* 1.35-in ch High Output Titanium driver
* 10-in ch woofer w/2-in ch (50mm) voice coil
* 165W RMS LF amplifier, 35W RMS HF amplifier, 400W (330W + 70W) Peak
* Built-in 24dB/octave at 1800Hz electronic crossover
* Linear frequency response 70Hz to 20KHz
* Thermal, short circuit & DC amplifier protection
* Balanced XLR LINE input w/pass-through XLR connector
* Switch Full-range / Monitor 100Hz low cut filter
* Perforated steel mesh grille
* Recessed flush handles
* Water resistant textured black paint
* Flyable, pole mountable, floor wedge-able
* Power Amplifier: (165W+35W) RMS / (330W+70W) Peak
* Type: 2-way bi-amplified
* Frequency range: 70Hz to 20kHz
* Maximum Sound pressure level: 121 dB
* Woofer Impedance: 8 ohms
* Woofer size: 10-in
* Woofer Magnet: 30 oz
* Low frequency driver: 2" (50mm) Voice Coil
* High Output driver type: Titanium
* High Frequency driver: 1.35-in
* Horn Dispersion: 80 degrees x 60 degrees
* Connectors: Balanced XLR LINE input w/pass-thru XLR
* Electronic crossover frequency: 1.8 Khz
* Enclosure: 18 mm (3/4-in), MDF
* Finish: Black acrylic lacquer
* Grille: Perforated steel mesh grille
* Handles: Recessed flush handles
* Pole mount: diameter 35 mm
* Weight: 40.8 lbs (18.5 kg)
* Dimensions: 11.8-in x 20.5-in x 12.2" (300 x 520 x 310 mm)
GVX powered speakers combine a sleek, attractive design w/meticulous engineering to produce the finest speakers in Gemini s rich history.
Thanks to high-quality built-in amplifiers & top-tier speaker components, the GVX-10Ps offer impressive power, amazing sound quality & excellent dispersion for nearly any PA application.
With over 35 years of speaker & amplifier production experience, Gemini has always placed the highest emphasis on reliability, durability & accurate, pristine sound reproduction.
& these guiding standards have yielded Gemini s best sounding speakers to date.
Wide, clear dispersion was a key focus during the redesign process of the GVX series.
As a result, the new GVX-10P distributes pure, full-range sound to even the most extreme areas of any performance space - whether audience members are front & center, fifty rows back or squeezed into a tight corner of a cavernous room.
The GVX-10P s power comes from its built-in 2-way amplifier assembly w/thermal, short-circuit & DC protection.
The low frequency amp provides 165 watts RMS while the high frequency amp supplies 35 watts RMS, w/a peak handling of 400 watts (330W + 70W).
Despite all this power, the GVX-10P boasts a compact, portable design thanks to its rugged yet lightweight MDF wood construction.
Ergonomic recessed handles add to the speaker s portability, while a 35mm pole mount & 8mm flying points enhance setup options, ensuring these speakers are equally effective in any number of fixed installation or mobile DJ applications - you can fly ‘em, mount ‘em or wedge ‘em!
GVX drivers are designed to provide dynamic, uniform sound across the frequency spectrum.
The 10-in ch woofer offers rich, powerful lows & low-mids, while the 1.35-in ch wave-guided titanium compression driver provides crisp, lucid highs that don't sound harsh or piercing.
For added versatility, the horn can be rotated, allowing you to change the dispersion pattern of 80 degrees x 60 degrees to 60 degrees x 80 degrees, ensuring proper dispersion whether the speakers are mounted vertically or horizontally.
The GVX-10P s rear panel is conveniently equipped w/XLR Inputs & pass-throughs, allowing parallel connection of other active systems.
Plus, volume & trim controls, along w/a high-pass filter provide additional command over your levels & sound.
There are even individual LEDs for Limit, Signal & Power.
All these features are housed in a lustrous, black enclosure that offers a stylish aesthetic complement to any stage or performance space.
& since it s powered, the GVX-10P is ideal for the mobile DJ or gigging musician looking for a less bulky, more streamlined setup, w/no additional amps required.
Thanks to cutting-edge sound t

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