HB70 Infrared (line of sight) Stereophone
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The HB70 Infrared (line of sight) Stereophone system consists of a single channel wireless stereophone & a compact infrared transmitter.
Incorporating infrared technology, the HB70 is ideal for home audio, video & computer use.
The transmitter connects to most home systems through a 3.5mm headphone jack or audio output.
Utilizing infrared (IR) technology, it transmits an invisible, infrared signal to the headphone which then reproduces the audio signal.
Unlike conventional wireless systems the HB70 is relatively small & lightweight for extended listening periods.
When a conventional headband is too cumbersome, the HB70 behind-the-head stereophone provides maximum comfort during extended wearing periods while providing the same excellent Sound of Koss.
A volume control is placed on the earcup for convenient level adjustment.
Foam cushions rest on the ear & provide an open, airy sound that allows the user to stay in touch w/their environment.
The stereophone requires 2 "AAA" batteries
Frequency Response= 30-15,000 Hz
Impedance =10k ohms at transmitter
Distortion= <1.0%
Cord= Cordless