Module Amplifier 160.000 watts Class D 1 channel 160.000W RMS For Competition
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Manufacturer: TARAMPS

Power, performance, and efficiency are some of this amplifier's synonyms.
Powered by serially connected batteries that are responsible for its generating energy source, the HV 160,000 is a member of an exclusive line on its category.
This product offers a significantly powerful result when connected to medium or large-sized automotive audio systems, highlighting an outstanding performance from sub-bass to mid-treble frequencies, with unique tones and sonority quality.

* Operation Class: D
* Number Of Channels: 01
* Maximum Power: @300vdc - 0.25 Ohm 160.000w Rms
* Input Sensitivity: 360mv (With Level 100%) @0.5 Ohm
* Signal To Noise Ratio: >95db
* Frequency Response: -0.5db ~ 10 Hz A 15 Khz
* Efficiency: 90% Maximum Power @ 0.5 Ohm
* Input Impedance: Rca: 27k Ohms
* Xrl: 54k Ohms (Balanced)
* Protection System: (Pt) Curto Na Saída E Curto Na Saída Em Relação Ao Gnd - Tensão Baixa / Alta - Proteção Térmica Controlada
* Min.
Supply Voltage: 180vdc
* Maximum Power Supply Voltage: 360vdc
* Consumption At Rest: 125ma To 300vdc
* Maximum Music Consumption: @0.25 Ohm: 280a
* Maximum Consumption In Sinusoidal Signal: @0.25 Ohm (100hz): 560a
* Dimensions (H X W X D): 9.409 X 2.874 X 22.086 Inches (239 X 73 X 561 Mm)
* Weight: 16.314 Lbs (7.4kg)
* Ean: 7898556844062

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