Professional Computer DJ Workstation w/ Digital DJ Mixer w/Twin USB Audio Interface + 2x Midi Controll
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Manufacturer: DJ TECH

* Professional Computer DJ Workstation Package w/
Digital DJ Mixer w/Twin USB Audio Interface + 2x Midi Controller
* High-resolution controller built for TRAKTOR PRO & DECKADANCE
* Touch sensitive 5 inch jog wheels w/turntable feel
* 56 Leds, 104 hands-on control including 29 knobs & 56 Buttons
* System Simplicity w/544 Midi control
* USB 2.0 Soundcard integrated high High Audio Quality
* 9 on board effects on the mixer w/Crossfader effects
* Inloop Sampler w/Auto Beat Match
* Crossfader w/adjustable curve
* Total Solution w/Flight Road Case ready case included
* HYBRID 303 includes:
* 1 x Digital DJ Mixer w/2 USB Soundcard.
Ref: DJM-303
* 2 x Midi Controllers w/access to 272 midi messages.
* 4 x USB Cables
* 1 x DJ Software: Deckadance LE
* HYBRID 303 has been designed in conjunction w/some of the worlds most cutting-edge DJ/ producers that enables the seamless integration of computer-based digital media into the traditional DJ workspace.
The mixer, DJM-303, is a high specification professional digital DJ Mixer w/2 high-quality USB soundcards integrated, 8 on board BPM SYNC Effects & 3 different Crossfader Effects & a 5-bank inloop sampler.
The controllers, Kontrol One, provides tones of controls & a touch sensitive jog wheel for best scratch performance.

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