Active All-In-One Mobile DJ-PA SYSTEM for iPod
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You are the DJ! Start the party & keep it going w/the DJ-Tech iBoost303, an all-in -one DJ-PA system in a box for iPod.
No cables, installation, or set-up are needed.
All you need is on board to rock solid: 2 iPod docks, built-in amplifier, speakers, DJ mixer, dual 7-band equalizer, effects processor/Voice changer, & a unique jingle box
The iBoost303’s MDF cabinet features wheels & telescopic handle for easy portability.
The iBoost 303 will fit your living room, garage, swimming pool, garden, stadium, street or your favorite stage.
Bring your music everywhere! Dock up to 2 iPods to iBoost 303, mix easily w/the crossfader, & blend your music like a Pro DJ.
Expand your sound in 3 dimensions w/the 3 integrated DSP effects w/an incredible voice changer: Robot, Mickey Mouse, & Female.
The iBoost303 creates a new category of portable fun, w/a unique & powerful jingle player.
Imagine 8 pads w/792 sounds under your fingers: from scratch sounds, to guitar riffs, you’ve got access to a large library of sounds.
Its as simple as pressing the pads to play the jingles, changing the tempo, & looping them w/your iPod’s tracks.
99 Banks classified by category, will help to choose your best jingle in real time.
With an additional mic input, transform your iBoost 303 into a karaoke machine or jam along w/your guitar or Keyboards.
iBoost303: the insurance to rock all your parties & be the king of the night.