CD/MP3 Player w/ Integrated Soundcard & DSP Effects
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The iScratch 101 is full featured CD/MP3 player that has an integrated USB output w/integrated soundcard.
You can load your normal CDs via the front loading slot or you can connect the iScratch 101 directly to your computer & control the included Mixvibes software via timecode control.
There is no need to map controls or configure any settings, the iScratch 101's timecode mode work's directly w/Mixvibes! The jog wheel can be used to pitch bend, scratch, or control the 9 different BPM synced effects.
The iScratch 101 also has a built-in sampler which allows up to 4 banks of sounds to record 5 second samples.
The pitch of the samples can be adjusted & also scratched while music is playing.
With all the features of a traditional CD player, but also a digital soundcard, the iScratch 101 is the perfect tool for today's digital DJ!
Feature Overview:
- Front load CD/MP3 Player w/DSP effects & integrated sampler
- USB output for MixVibes software control
- Full MP3 playback capability w/1 line text display
- ID3 tag display w/neon blue LED display
- 9 DSP effects w/direct access (Scratch, Filter, Echo, Trans, Skid, Phaser, Flanger, Pan, Reverse).
- Direct access of X & Y parameters in real time.
- Large, touch-sensitive jog wheel for scratch, search, & pitch-bend functions
- Customizable joh wheel settings
- 4 sample banks & 4 hot cues
- Saves up to 3,000 cue points in memory, transferable to compatible units
- SSM mode: Sampler Scratch Mode
- 6%, 12%, 25%, & 100% pitch control on CDs & MP3s
- 100% Key Lock w/key control on CDs & MP3s
- Seamless Loop w/Reloop
- 48 seconds of buffer memory
- Firmware updateable
- Direct folder access
- High glossy black pannel for controller & main unit
- Slot loading mechanism
- Relay function