AKG K167

Professional Over Ear Closed Back DJ TIESTO Endorsed Headphones COLOR MATTE BLACK
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Within the range of professional audio applications w/their closed-back & dynamic design, these headphones deliver brilliance in sound.
They are designed for those who enjoy terrific sound without compromising style, & need PRO features - from DJ-ing, studio monitoring, mixing, mastering to live sound engineering.
Biggest DJ in the world: (Wall Street Journal)
As a DJ & producer, my aim is to always give my fans a breathtaking audio experience that they’ll never forget.
That’s why I have decided to join forces w/AKG as they understand that giving the best possible sound reproduction is key to this experience.
* Feel the beat!
* The K167 TIESTO’s 40mm driver allows solid bass foundation & higher sound pressure levels, while its roadworthy design provides maximum reliability - for high comfort & maximum noise rejection.
* Due to broad
* frequency range
* Are you looking for brilliance in sound? The broad frequency range of the K167 TIESTO headphones guarantees clear sound & optimal delivery of your performance.
* Maximum comfortability & durability
* XRP3 glass-fiber reinforced polymer parts ensures maximum durability & low weight.
This allows you to spend more time in the studio creating the music you love without fatigue.
* Headphone type: closed
* Audio Frequency bandwidth: 10 to 27000 Hz
* Sensitivity headphones: 112 dB SPL/V
* Rated Impedance: 32 Ohms
* Earpads: Leatherette
* Detachable cable: no
* Cable Length: -4.3 m
* Earpads Replaceable: Y
* Foldable: Y
* Audio Interface:
* Type: Screw-on Jack Combo (1/4-in & 1/8-in)
* Gender: Male
* Contacts: 3-pin
* Interface Finish: Gold
* Finish: matte black
* Dimensions / Weight:
* Length: 220 mm
* Width: 190 mm
* Height: 45 mm
* Net Weight: 250 g