Professional Digital Karaoke Processor
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High performance digital karaoke processor that allows independent control of audio processing from music sources, microphones and digital effects applied to the voice.
It provides several inputs including 2 MICs and 2 stereo analog inputs in addition to Main L/R and 2 outputs selected as Mic, Sub and Left/Right Surround.
All of these are managed by the same powerful audio processing used in Marani's professional speaker management systems.
The microphone input section offers a complete set of functions for voice processing without modifying its original characteristics.
It includes Low/High Shelving filters, 15-band parametric EQ, and Noise Gate in addition to Vocal Exciter function which provides amazing presence and brilliance to the singer's voice.

The input path also features a 4th order Low/High-Pass filter and Feedback Eliminator to prevent feedback occurring during the performance.
For Microphone source, the KD1540P provides an effects section equipped with professional reverb and delay algorithms that allow the best effect/voice combination to be
obtained through a full set of controls and mixing options.
Furthermore the delay section provides 3 independent delays selected as delay time and feedback in order to create particular effects.
Looking at the Music input section the KD1540P include 15-band Graphic Equalizer, Noise Gate and RMS Compressor and 4th order Low/High-Pass filters.
In addition a Sub-Harmonics generator allows the sound to be enhanced by generating a copy of the signals in their bass range but shifted an octave lower.
Finally a Dynamic filter managed by Mic Section, allows music source level to be controlled according to the amount of voice in the microphone path.
The output section provides 4 outputs, each of them including 3-band parametric equalizer, Peak Limiter and Delay up 200ms.

Furthermore the 3th output, selected as MIC, can be used to monitor microphone signal from Pre/Post effects section.
The 4th output can be also selected as SUB to drive low-frequency loudspeaker system.
The Sub section includes additional filters such as Low Shelving, 3-band parametric 8th order Low/High-Pass, as well as a RMS Compressor.
The KD1540P can be connected via USB by using the control remote PC software setting all parameters and creating favorite presets.
Moreover it is equipped with wired and infrared remote controls.

* Analog Input Line A (L/R),Line B (L/R) Unbalanced RCA
* Mic 1, Mic 2 Balanced XLR
* Analog Output Main L, Main R; Balanced XLR
* Mic/SL, Sub/SR; Balanced XLR
* Maximum Input Level Line +9dBu; Mic -27dB
* Maximum Output Level Ch1, Ch2: +15dBu;
* Mic/SL, Sub/SR: +15dBu
* THD+N 0.005%
* S/N >106 dBA
* Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz +/-1dB
* AD & DA Converters Cs42528 24bit; Ak5285 24bit (Microphone inputs)DSP & Processing
* DSP Engine Dream SAM3716, 24bit (data) x 96 bit (coeff.)
* Dream voice 24bit (data) x 96bit (coeff.) SW enhanced
* Frequency Resolution 48kHz
* Microphone Section Noise Gate, Vocal Exciter, Low/High Shelving as 2nd order,15-band Pametric EQ,
* Feedback Suppressor, 4th order Low/High-Pass Filter
* Effect Section Professional reverb and delay algorithms;
* 3 independent delays selected as delay time and feedback
* Music input section 15-Band Graphic Eq 2/3 octave
* 7-band Dynamic filter controlled by microphone section.
* Sub-Harmonics Generator; Noise Gate; RMS compressor
* Output section Low/High-Pass selected as Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley with slopes 6/12/18/24dB
* 3-band Parametric Equalizer selected as Peak or Shelving (+/-12dB gain)
* Peak Limiter; Delay: 200 ms with 21us increment/decrement steps per channel
* Sub Section Low Shelving filter; 3-band graphic equalizer
* 8th order Low/High-Pass filters
* RMS CompressorGeneral
* Front Panel 2x24 character LCD display with greeen LED backlight
* 4x Red LED (Mic clip, Music Clip, Mic Mute, Music Mute)
* 1x Green LED (Effect Bypass)
* 6 x push button switch (UP, DOWN, L, R, MENU, ENTER)
* 6 x push button switch (MAIN, SUB, CENTER, PRESET 1,2,3)
* 5 x POT (Mic Vol1, Mi

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