RCF L10750YK

High output 10-in Mid-Bass w/700 Watt continuous program power handling
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Manufacturer: RCF

The L10/750YK is a professional mid-bass woofer featuring very high output & dynamics.
The mobile equipment, used a 3-in coil, fibreglass former & copper wire winding, has enabled considerable improvement in transient peak response & has allowed good extension on mid-high frequencies.
A specially designed M-roll surround guarantee a very low midrange distortion & perfect damping of the spurious resonances.
The L10/750YK is primary designed to be horn loaded in medium & long throw systems.
When mounted in compact size bass reflex enclosures, the good combination of short voice coil, very low mass & suspensions control makes the L10/750YK a very good choice for high power, 2 way, satellite applications.
* 3-inch, fibreglass former
* 700 Watt continuous program power handling
* 100 dB Sensitivity
* 70 Hz - 3 kHz Frequency range
* Shaped M-roll damped surround

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