RCF L18P300

Low power compression 18-in Woofer 2000 Watt Continuous
SKU: L18P300
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Manufacturer: RCF

- 4-in ch Inside/outside copper voice coil
- 2000 Watt continuous program power handling
- 97 dB Sensitivity
- 35 Hz - 1 kHz Frequency range
- Forced air ventilation & 15 mm top plate for minimum power compression
- Dual spider design w/silicon based dampening control
- M-roll surround & exponential cone geometry
In production for over 10 years, the L18P300 is an industry standard.
The sturdy magnetic unit, w/15 mm thick plates & specially designed suspensions ensure an excellent control of amplitude of over +/- 12 millimeters.
The special cooling system w/forced air ventilation offer a great heat dissipation & the minimum levels of power compression available on the market.
Voice coil construction, suspensions & cone materials are upgraded in order to withstand up to a Kilowatt RMS power.
The L18P300 finds its best application in both bass reflex & band pass systems.
Its capacity to reproduce extremely low frequencies along w/extraordinary definition make it a no compromise woofer in its category, ideal for both live & recorded music.

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