Five button 1200 dpi Computer mouse and scanner in one WHITE w/Software PC & Mac
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* Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and scanned documents can be converted to a text file and edited in MS Office.
Optical character recognition (OCR): A feature used to recognize the text from the scanned image, which allows you to edit or modify the text.
Scanned files can be sent as e-mails, SNS(Facebook, Twitter, Flickr), and via smartphones.
* Works on Mac and Windows operating systems.

Place the mouse scanner on the desired document or photo, then press the Scan button on the side.
Once the scan starts, the screen turns black and the image where the mouse is positioned is displayed.
Move the mouse scanner to scan the desired area of the document.
A green scan window indicates that you can scan faster than the current movement rate.
If the scan window turns to yellow or red during scanning, you may be moving your mouse scanner too fast.
Try to slow it down.
Yellow: The mouse scanner is moving too fast.
Red: Slow down immediately.
If you move the mouse scanner too fast, some areas may not be scanned and result in empty spots.
Go back to the empty spots and move the mouse scanner slowly to re-scan the areas.
be calibrated automatically.
If the image still appears distorted or broken, re-scan the corresponding area to calibrate the image manually.
If you scan a large image, the image will be automatically reduced.
If you need to check whether it is scanned properly, roll the mouse wheel up/down to zoom in/out the image.
When scanning is complete, press the scan button to stop scanning and open the edit window.
(If the remaining available memory bar reaches the end, the scan will stop automaticall