40-in Wide 6% VLT Car Window Tint Film on 100-Foot Roll
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Automotive and Commercial Application Window Tint
Farenheit Window Tint uses impregnated color chips and twin UV inhibitors in the initial manufacturing process.
This insures maximum benefit for your interior.
Traditional manufacturing process uses clear chips and adds dyes, pigments, or spray-on colors, and a UV inhibitor in the adhesive.
Farenheit Window Tint is built ot last and protect...
* Additional Benefits To Farenheit Window Tint
* Color-stable film that never bubbles, peels, or turns purple over time
* Malleable for seamless attachment to a curved surfaces
* American made adhesives for impervious seal and undistorted views
* Reduces heat, glare and overall energy costs when used in home or auto
* Eliminate harmful UV by 99% to protect interior materials in home or auto