Created to place all brand name 10-in mixers, Vestax, Numark, Gemini & Rane. w/adjustable modular foam lining for that right fit & easy access detachable front panel.
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Produced from high quality materials & made w/style & toughness.
* Durable & solid rack rails
* ATA 300
* Spring action handles
* Easy locking fit & tongue
* Heavy & powerful ball corners
* Industrial strength latches & rubber feet
* Dual anchor rivets
* Cable port
* Laminated 3/8-in plywood
* Includes mounting hardware
* MA-10MIX Exterior Dimensions (closed lid ): 13-in W x 21.5-in D x 9.8-in H
* Interior Dimensions: 10.8-in W x 15.25-in D x 2.8-in H
* Weight: 18 lbs.