Active 10-In 2-Way Loudspeaker - XLR Mic & Line Inputs, Built-In Bass & Treble Controls. Speaker Stand Mountable - Light Weight
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* 10-in 2-way loudspeaker, powered
* Stand mount sockets
* Fly points
* Metal grill
* Side handle for easy carry
* Durable ABS construction
* Microphone 1/4-in input jack, can receive unbalance signal
* Microphone phone XLR input jack, can receive balance signals
Volume control mic input
* RCA (R,L) input jack, can receive both balance & unbalance signals
* Line input jacks receives both signals
* Volume control RCA line input
* Line output 1/4-in jack balance +4dB
* Power "on" display power switch: 1 "on", "0-in off
* Fuse jack
* Power input jack
* Adjust the output level
* Hi tone level control, +/-12dB raising attenuation at 3.5kHz
* Low tone level control, +/-12dB raising attenuation at 100Hz
* Input signal overload indicator
* Voltage selector switch
* AC: 115V/60Hz
* Peak Power: 250 Watts
* Impedance: 8 Ohms
* Components: 10-in Woofer
* Compression Driver, 1.35-in Horn
* Sensitivity: (lw/m): 92dB
* Max SPL (lm): 113dB
* Frequency Range: 45Hz - 20kHz
* Power Supply: 115/230V, AC, 50/60Hz
* Dimensions: 14-in W x 11-in D x 20-in H
* Weight: 29 lbs.