Mercedes Benz Remote Start w/OEM Key Fob (C-2003-2007, G-2004-2012, SLK, B & A - 2005-2011)
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XpressStart MB221D
Fully integrated Directed Plug & Play remote starter for selected Mercedes Benz vehicles.
The all new MB series of remote starter technology from Directed enables OEM like integration w/your Mercedes Benz vehicle.
The device is easy to install & offers seamless integration w/your factory FOB.
You can control the start/stop functionality from the factory remote by simply pressing on the panic button for a second.
Once started all of the advanced Mercedes Benz functionality like keyless go (if equipped) are preserved meaning users can still walk up to the vehicle when it's running & pull the door handle to enter the vehicle then push the start button on the dash & drive away.
Easy takeover without jumping through any hoops!
The MB series also provides an input that enables additional user control options such as adding a Directed remote for extended range up to 1 mile.
Additional control options include Directed SmartStart which enable many features & functions but more importantly allows you to start your vehicle from your compatible smart phone.