3-Way Electronic Crossover w/Remote Subwoofer Level Control
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Manufacturer: CLARION

This versatile 3-Way Electronic Crossover offers inputs for two- or three-way system setups with rear fader control.
Users also get a wired remote subwoofer level control.
This unit is a full-featured Three-Way Crossover.
When used to build a 2-way system with front and rear fader capability or a full three-way system, it allows you to choose from a wide range of crossover points between the front, rear and subwoofer outputs.
* 6/4/2 Channel RCA Inputs
* 6 Channel /5 Volt RCA Outputs
* Adjustable Level Output for Front, Rear, & Subwoofer
* Adjustable High & Low Pass Crossover w/Frequency Multiplier
* Non Fade Low Pass Output
* Subwoofer Bass Boost Control
* Remote Subwoofer Level Control
* Ground Loop Isolation Circuit
* Gold Plated RCA & Power Connections
* Frequency Response: 10 to 50.000 Hz
* Signal to Noise Ratio: 100dB
* High Pass Frequencies: 32 to 8.000 Hz, 32 to 400 Hz Rear
* Subwoofer Line Output: 0 to 18dB
* Center Equalizaing Frequencies 25 to 100Hz
* Dimensions: (W × H × D) 5 1/2-in × 1 3/4-in × 5 1/2-in

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