Battery powered portable mini amp (Red) ideal for Guitar w/additional Aux input & headphone jack
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Manufacturer: JAMMIN PRO

Mini JAM is a great choice not only as a first amp, but also as a warm-up amp on the road or in your rehearsal space, for practicing using the songs as a improvising machine, or even as a music box.
It's sure to have a long & warm relationship w/any guitarist.
Powerful Rhythm Features: As its name suggests, the Mini JAM is a guitar amp that includes some cool song built-in for you to JAM with.
The 32 songs patterns include not just standards such Rock, Blue; but also RnB, Jazz, Ballad, Funk, Metal & even some Hip Hop styles.
In addition, each style provides four types of variation, for a total of 32 songs variations.The tempo let you easily adjust the speed of the backing track, best for you to practise from a very slow speed to normal or even faster
Enhanced Amp Performance: The Mini JAM also has a lot to offer as a guitar amp.
To begin with, there s a full complement of gain, tone, & volume controls, letting you dial-in a broad range of sounds to suite your taste.
A four-in ch speaker delivers a full-bodied sound.
Best of all, we ve added an distortion switch to provide more sonic variation.
Switch it on for a serious high-gain sound; switch it off for a bright, clean sound.
Packed w/Extras: In addition to the cool rhythms & great amp sound, the Jammin Pro Mini JAM provides numerous features indispensible to any guitar player.
A dedicated E-string tuner keeps you in tune at all times.
Use the headphone jack for private practice at any hour! Connect your MP3 player or other external audio source to the AUX IN jack & jam along w/songs from your favorite band.
Battery-powered Jammin Pro mini amp
Includes a total of 32 built-in Rhythm w/LIVE Drum Recording
OVERDRIVE- w/Tone Control
AUX IN jack for jamming along to your favorite tunes using your CD/MP3 player
built-in E-string tuner Accurate & Convenient
9V alkaline batteries allow up to 8 hours of playing
Accepts a 9 Volt 1 Amp power adapter for AC operation (Not Included)
Headphone jack
Rated output power: 2W
Nominal Input level: -40 dBu (JACK), -5dBu (AUX)
Speaker: 4-in
Drum Patterns: 32 (8 Genres x 4 Variations)
Genre: Rock / Metal/Jazz / Hip Hop / Blues / Latin / Funk / Ballad
Rated working power supply voltage: DC 9V /l A
Dimension: 182 x 90 x 163.5mm (WxDxH)
Weight: 1.2kg
All features & specifications are subject to change without notice!

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